what if the king is a titan but hes like a traitor to the titan village
Ahh. The Ape Titan. I only have three theories for this bad guy.
One, as you said, the King is the Ape Titan. My guess was that they look…similar? Long hair, suspicious existence…sort of. 
Then again, in the manga, during that scene when the Ape Titan took away Mike’s 3DMG (poor Mike ;n;) he didn’t seemed like he knew about the tool beforehand?? Or at least he had seen them but never actually saw it in action?? Being the King, he should have known of its existence, at least he would know what those things can do.
i felt like the king is erwin’s long lost dad though
Which brings to theory number two - the Ape Titan is not someone from the government and the military, or at least he doesn’t have a direct contact with them. Which, sort of made me suspect that the Ape Titan is Grisha Jaeger. 
I still think it is possible that he’s Grisha, though. You know, villainous daddy theory and all. He is suspicious, in how he was nowhere to be found for, what, 50 chapters or so? He could be dead, yes, but then, taking in the fact that he had so many secrets still locked, could just mean that he’s up to something.. 
unless it’s true that eren ate/killed his dad then this theory is null
For me the best is theory number three - Ape Titan’s true form is just that. An ape. Probably used for some sort of Titan experiment in the past to build up walls or fight off the rogue Titans. Overtime, it enhanced its intelligence and is able to think better, able to learn how to turn normal humans into mindless Titans, which eventually made it into the ultimate war machine against humanity.
Something like that.
sounds like planet of the apes in this case more like planet of the titans

I am, in some way, hoping to see a new Titan Shifter. After the faux leak of Erwin ‘supposedly’ being a Titan, I sort of had hopes that someone unexpected is a Titan as well. Probably like Eren, he or she is on the SC’s side. Or completely neutral, like Ymir. And hopefully he or she has answers to at least half of the plot holes in the story…of the Titan Ape, the Colossal Titans in the walls, the reasons why young warriors like Reiner and Bertholdt and Annie were sent to mingle with the humans etc.

Yeah, I’m hoping that someone, probably someone not one fan would expect, is a Titan and he or she will be there to save the day.

Or destroy it, whichever suits the author…   

There’s a Nile RP account in Twitter (Japanese, of course) that plays Nile as a patient in a hospital who sort of had to live there for whatever illness he had, and interacts with anyone visiting or just passing by his room. He’s the nicest Nile I’ve ever encountered and I truly enjoy reading his RPs ;;u;; ♥

Shingeki no Kyojin Doujinshi - Dirty & Beautiful - Raw


Name: Dirty & Beautiful
Circle: ton_ton
Author: hi_ton
Publication Date:2014/06/22
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin
Language: Japanese
Pairing: Nile x Levi


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