The only explanation I have is that the gov controls the titans, so SL is trying to take control of it.

Wow. I have so many explanation to what’s going on in that universe but yeah, the government controlling the Titans is definitely one of them. Somehow I don’t feel like the people in the SL are the good guys anymore with how the current arc seemed to be; maybe half of the characters wouldn’t end up being ‘righteous’ in the end…idk I guess we just have to wait and see about that one…

He was doing his job, like Erwin currently isn’t. Why is the Scouting Legion into politics now? I kind of missed the reason why.

Exactly. Somehow to some fans it’s a bit harder to absorb that one fact…because, you know, Nile is in a somewhat corrupted division, Erwin is in a supposedly righteous one, so the roles of the good and evil seemed rather obvious etc…but the series had gone so far from those times, I thought it should be easier to understand that things may not be as it seems. 

I have no idea how they got into politics…until there’s a real connection between the current arc and the real reason this series was called Attack on Titan, I’ll probably just treat it as a filler.

doom-overlord asked:

Why did people start hating on Nile in the first place anyway?

Hmm… I can only think of two things: 1) Nile proposed that Eren is to be dissected, tested and killed, and 2) Nile pointed a rifle at Erwin on counts of treason. The scenes are sort of legit in the anime, though the second one isn’t in the manga. 

So sorry I’ve been a little too obsessed with Abe Hiroshi lately because hhnnngh he’s such a great actor and I just can’t believe I didn’t know he exists before and yeah I initially liked him because he looked like a live action Nile Dawk but that’s a different story now

Also my writing muse is back, so I’m using it fully to finish up all my pending fanfics…especially that RusGer fanfic I still owe three chapters more…

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