commanderbolo replied to your post:Do you ship Mike and Nile, too? o uo

Mike is such a gentle giant. I adore him almost more than I do Erwin tbh. I’ve actually seen a few doujin of them.

Yes, yes he is ouo! I, too, shamefully adored him more than Erwin (the only reason I ever put up with thicky eyebrows is because of erunile). 

I’m not sure how many published doujins are there for Mikenai. I only know one Mikenai doujin though, where Mike enjoys kissing Nile and having their beards touched as they do so. There are doujins mixed with EruNile, and I can assure you those books are awesome (what’s there not to be awesome about erwin and mike pinning nile in between). 

commanderbolo asked:

Do you ship Mike and Nile, too? o uo

Yea! It’s my second favourite Nile pairing after EruNile. Mikenai is cuddlier more functional than EruNile in most cases, and out of all the Mikenai fanarts I saw, I only saw one where they actually argued?? Yes. Yes, it’s a great pairing. Mike is such a gentleman towards Nile in the Mikenai doujins I read and own, so that’s a bonus too. 

mpandainsilk asked:

Remember how I drew that MMA Fighter AU Erwin and Nile? Should I draw more of those but with them flirting?


continue it please. do whatever you please with it like…erwin pulling nile’s shorts down while grappling him on the ground, or nile kissing erwin after intensely staring into each other’s eyes before their match…then have them drinking and laughing together after the match, maybe a bit of relaxing sex in the locker room or in the showers

yes continue this mma au please


fellow-traveller replied to your post: anonymous said:How do you feel ab…

Surprisingly in all of the NaiRi doujins I own they almost never fought?? It’s like Levi is always falling for Nile, though Nile is often clueless about it until the climax of the story.

{{ Oh wow. I don’t own…

There aren’t many…I think I only own 4 Nairi doujins including a novel…and a compilation book of NaiRi and EruNile comics and short fanfics. But yeah…most of the time it’s a pretty normal pairing with the occassional angst like the fact that Nile is married and them being in different military factions. I have to say my fav NaiRi doujin is the one in the Titan High universe…ouo

If anyone wants to discuss Nile Dawk and Nile Dawk pairings with me, Nile headcanons or aus etc…

just you know that my inbox is always open.


Attack on Prince - episode 17

Also includes some flashbacks from when Levi was hurt.

It’s nice that the girls are appearing too. But where’s Mikasa?

More in here.

officially-the-worst asked:

For the fuck, marry, kill post you reblogged: Erwin, Nile, and Mike. Because I am cruel.

hngh you gave me a hard one! Alright, here goes:

Fuck: Mike.
A giant being all flustered when I play him in the sheets. How can I resist this? 
Marry: Nile.
He’s a hot dad. I need a hot dad…and also a man who always ensure the best for the family (this is why i always think marie is lucky to have nile as her husband ;;w;;) 
Kill: Erwin.
Out of the three he’s actually my least favourite shhhhhhhhhhhyoudidn’thearthisfromme

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