After 6 years of using this program I finally figured this out, so I decided to share the technique. IDK, it sure beats the “Use brush with no pen pressure to make a dot” type of thing.

The use of the vector layer comes with other nifty things like:

  • No decrease in quality while transforming
  • No 500px size limit
  • Playing with line thickness and distortion

So, I hope this comes in handy to a few of you!

You can make a Hexagon by using the Line Tool instead and turning the canvas 4 times each click. I’m sure you can do other things, but I haven’t figured those out yet.

I thought that Hanji has always been genderfluid/genderneutral because I remember there was a huge shit storm about it on tumblr months ago. Like, the creator wanted them to be that way, not labled male or female officially. :?

Well, despite what Isayama said, most fans still see Hanji as a female. Most ships with Hanji in it still depict Hanji as a female. While the official art isn’t enough to specify Hanji’s gender, the normative fact that the young Hanji design is leaning a bit more to the male side might stir some people up.

But then again, the young Hanji was probably designed by the same people who made the anime, which, in a way, cannot be considered true in accordance to the original manga and story. Probably if Isayama was the one who designed it first hand, Hanji would still look neutral.

I checked Twitter a while ago, and apparently that whatever-online SnK game had an update on the characters (I guess they update characters usually with different outfits after a few levels or something like that) and the latest ones are a young Erwin and a young Hanji.

…and young Hanji looked like a boy???

I’d say Hanji is genderfluid; she/he could be one gender but decided to dress like the other, but if the official art decided that Hanji is indeed a boy…

…imagine how many switches would that flip…


My fanbooks arrived today! ;;7;; omg where do I start from?

Under the cut in case it got too long

PS: all nonsense below are just me not giving enough time to read and translate the fanbooks so not everything would be correct sorry ;;///;;

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I lost 3 followers in the span of a weekend…same goes to my other SnK blogs but it doesn’t matter! /o/ ~♥

Right now I’m just excited about other things, like:

  1. I’m going back to my hometown in the eastern part of the mainland (which is literally a 6-7 hours drive) next week! I haven’t been there since my grandparents passed away two years ago. I’ll try not to be on hiatus when I’m there ;;///;;
  2. The next con is in more or less 3 weeks, and I decided to reuse my Russia cosplay since I don’t have that many pictures of him taken. I will definitely debut my Nile Dawk cosplay (which is very much completed except for his musket) in the grand con end of this year! ;;u;;
  3. I got my braces off. No more metal in my mouth heyy! ;7;

Also, sorry drawings had been very slow. I haven’t forget most of them though, especially the colour-pallete requests. Right now ideas on other things *coughpunknilecough* are more intense than the rest so…yeah. 

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