So I was bored today and decided to watch some English cartoons dubbed in Japanese, just for fun. Watched a few of them before I came to TMNT…then I remembered Anri Katsu aka Nile’s voice actor dubbed Michelangelo.

hahhahahhahha he didn’t sound the same at all?! As if Nile Dawk, Dorcell Cainz (sp?), Koma Enji, Marius Portmercy and Michelangelo is voiced by 5 different VAs wth why are you so talented anri-san yet you barely get any main roles in anime

just a lineart of the husbands and wifey doing the do ♥

…i was in search for more fanbooks. Found out there’s a RusTurk fanbook, but it’s no longer sold. Tried to find Team Fortress 2 fanbooks, but only got some Sherlock and Prison Break fanbooks. Still no sight of matagi’s Camouflage ;;w;;


I found a Far Cry 3 fanbook

ahahhahhah i was curious about its contents so i purchased it ;//u//;

eyyy I bought five fanbooks this time - three EruNile fanbooks, one EruNaiMike fanbook, and one YomoUta (Tokyo Ghoul heyy) fanbook. 

hngh the things I spend on every month

The NaiEru anthology is out in October punch me for not reading the description clearly hah. And matagi’s Camouflage…forever won’t be in my collection sobs…;;w;;

Also, I wished someone could make more RusGer fanbooks…then again, most RusGer fanartists had gone to other not-always-mentioned-and-known fandoms (it’s a good thing some of them went to JoJo or SnK, so it’s still okay for me)…Hetalia is so slow in Japan now, there are barely any new fanbooks other than America/Japan and Russia/Japan fanbooks, and occasionally Russia/Lithunia.

So! As of today, plus the ones yet to come, I have:

  • 10 Russia x Germany fanbooks; 9 doujins and 1 novel
  • 28 Erwin x Nile fanbooks; 24 doujins (1 mixed with MikeNana), 2 novels (1 mixed with RivaHan) and 2 anthologies (one mixed with NaiRi)
  • 4 Nile x Erwin doujins
  • 4 Nile x Levi fanbooks; 3 doujins and 1 novel anthology
  • 3 Erwin x Nile x Mike doujins
  • 1 Mike x Nile doujin
  • 1 Dennis x Nile doujin
  • 1 Mike x Levi doujin
  • 1 Levi x Auruo doujin
  • 1 Yomo x Uta doujin 

That’s a total of…54 doujins.

I can’t believe EruNile has that many…plus a few of that I couldn’t get (like matagi’s camouflage sobsforever) or wouldn’t want to get my hands on (like a few with eruri in it eh hell no am i gonna see eruri in an erunile doujin) you can tell the artists are giving their best to make that pair work. There are at least six or seven artists that made the EruNile doujins I owned, like zumi-san made seven of them, matagi-san made three, momoiro-cider made three…and all of these artists contributed something to the anthology. Seriously; with just that many artists (and writers, of course!), one wouldn’t expect more than 30 fanbooks for such a small pairing.

…and I am forever applauding for their hardwork, and sincerely couldn’t wait for whatever else they have in store for EruNile. ♥

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